Neck Strain Causes and Exercises to Minimize Pain

neck strain

Neck strain is one of the leading causes of chronic pain experienced by adults. It can range from a mild, nagging pain to pain that is debilitating and limits the ability to perform daily activities. Recognizing the symptoms and causes, however, can lead to quick relief. Read on to find out more. Contents1 Neck Strain […]

Cucumber Face Mask for Hydrated Skin

cucumber facemask

Few foods are as cool as a cucumber. It is low in calories, packed with nutritional benefits, and it’s mega hydrating— so much that you can actually include it in your daily water intake routine. While we all know cucumbers to be a food, it can also do wonders for your skin, in particularly, for […]

What is CBG and How is it Different from CBD?

what is cbg

By now, cannabidiol (CBD) has become part of our everyday lexicon. CBD has also become part of many people’s everyday lives – in face creams, ointments, gummies, tinctures, and even sodas. Studies are being conducted almost as quickly as CBD products are hitting shelves to fully understand the benefits of CBD. But what about cannabigerol, […]

What is Arthritis in Fingers and How Can You Reduce the Painful Symptoms?

arthritis in fingers

Fingers are undoubtedly among our most delicate joints, yet also probably the ones we use the most. Our hands have altogether 29 bones, from our fingers to our wrists, and come together to form many small joints. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we make these joints work non-stop. […]

Easy Coffee Scrub Recipes for Healthy, Glowing Skin in Minutes

homemade cofee scrub

During this time, many people are desiring to improve their self-care routines without stepping foot in a spa or salon. At a time when budgeting and being vigilant about finances are equally important, you might be thinking about how you can keep up your skincare routine without spending too much money. Self-care is more important […]

Cannabinoids Beyond CBD and THC​: What Do We Know?

11:40 PM, April 14th, 1912. One of the most iconic historical landmarks took place — a state of the art cruise liner, the Titanic, hit an iceberg. The rest is history. Interestingly enough, the berg scraped along the starboard, or right side of the hull, below the waterline. In fact, on average, about 90% of an […]

DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Homemade Body Scrub with Orange Peels [Recipes Included]

diy body scrub

Nothing soothes dry, tired skin more than a luxurious exfoliating body scrub. And as summer approaches, sloughing away that old skin accumulated over a long winter can be very cathartic and invigorating. Contents1 The Perfect Gift2 Not Your Ordinary Exfoliating Body Scrub3 DIY vs. Store-bought Body Scrubs4 Start Scrubbing4.1 Orange vanilla sugar scrub4.2 Orange salt […]

Hip Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms and Effective Treatment Options

Does your hip feel stiff and sore when you rise from your bed? Does your groin, thigh or buttock hurt, especially when you do too much or too little? After prolonged sitting, is standing an achy effort? You could have hip arthritis. See, your hip arthritis pain location may not be where you imagine. It is […]

The Cannabis Industry and its Obsession with Terpenes

As cannabidiol (CBD) has become more popular and widely utilized, there’s another cannabis compound that is garnering attention: terpenes. So, what exactly are terpenes and how can they be used? Read on to find out. Contents1 What are Terpenes?2 How are Terpenes Different from Cannabinoids?2.1 Cannabinoids2.2 Terpenes3 Cannabis Terpenes and the Entourage Effect4 Benefits of […]

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