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What Does Arthritis Feel Like? What Arthritis Sufferers Are Thankful For

Woman Chopping Vegetables

Holiday dinners and celebrations with your family are the perfect opportunities to take stock and appreciate our blessings while we consider the challenges faced by others. If you know your host suffers from arthritis, the right present will touch their hearts and ease their pain. Thanksgiving is a busy time of the year! Cooking dinner […]

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Workout & Diet Tips: Harley Pasternak’s Top 5 Must Haves for a Pain-free Lifestyle

Harley Pasternak arm stretches

If you’re into celebrity fitness, you may have already heard of personal trainer Harley Pasternak. He’s been named the Global Fitness Advisor for Four Seasons Hotels and has designed some of the most innovative fitness facilities at the Four Seasons in Montreal, Cabo San Lucas, Beverly Hills, and Anguilla, to name a few. He’s also […]

Period Pain Relief: Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

woman child's yoga pose

The menstrual cycle is an incredible feat of nature; innate wisdom that propels hormonal flux and enables the perpetuation of life. For many women, the monthly period brings excruciating pain. One study found an astounding 84.1% of women in their early 20s reported pain, just over half experience discomfort with every single period. This pain […]

How to Choose the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

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Post Workout Muscle Pain Relief Cream After a hard workout at the gym or a long day of putting in your time for the Man sitting behind a desk, nothing feels better than bringing relief to sore, cranky muscles by slapping on some soothing, pain-numbing sports cream. Instantly, you feel calmed by that cool feeling […]

Diagnosed With Osteoarthritis? Pain Relief Is on the Way

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You might be surprised to learn that the human body has 360 movable joints. It’s a fact most of us would never consider in our daily lives. However, if you’ve experienced osteoarthritis pain, you’re painfully aware of each joint. When your joints are locked stiff and throbbing, there’s no way to ignore them. To understand […]

4 Ways to Make Your Yoga Practice That Much Better

yoga downward dog

In 2015, the United Nations established June 21st, as International Day of Yoga, to recognize the many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical benefits of this revered, ancient Indian practice. Yoga poses, known as asanas in Sanskrit, were originally devised by dedicated yogis to help them withstand the physical rigors of long hours spent in static […]

5 Common Male Injuries: Plus, How to Recover Faster!

man with arm pain CBDMEDIC- Harley Pasternak

Musculoskeletal injuries are more common than one might think. From sprains and strains to significant bruising, fractures to open wounds, we humans are good at hurting ourselves! Falls and trauma — including sporting mishaps and workplace accidents — shoulder the majority of the blame. The study Prevalence Musculoskeletal Injuries reported that over 6.8 million injuries […]

How to Relieve Pain in Your Heel With Natural Pain Relief

foot pain cream and feet

Most of us spend a large part of our lives on our feet. Thus, it’s no surprise to discover that so many people suffer from foot pain. The foot is made up of many tiny bones, ligaments, and tendons which work together to help us stand and walk. This means you may experience foot pain […]

5 Hand Exercises for Arthritis

Hand exercise for arthritis

Do your fingers crack and hurt? Maybe your joints feel decrepit, your hand’s ache and your knuckles fail to function as they should. If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, you may have one of the numerous types of arthritis that can affect the hands. If you struggle with arthritis in your hands, you are […]

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