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Pre and Post-Hike Tips To Help Prevent Muscle Strains

2 women hiking

The snow has melted and the sun is high, which means it’s time to do your favorite outdoor activities! When looking for a place to hike, you might want to consider 1 of over 400 national parks to choose from all over the United States. But before you start planning the trails, plan your safety […]

4 Tips to Stop the Itch: When the Bugs Bug You

2 people hiking with poles

It’s finally warm enough to lounge around outside and do outdoor activities, but the bugs just won’t leave you alone and now you just feel irritable from all the itching. Don’t worry, here are 4 tips to get the itching to stop and for those bites to go away fast. Remember, the main treatment is […]

4 Ways to Make Your Yoga Practice That Much Better

yoga downward dog

In 2015, the United Nations established June 21st, as International Day of Yoga, to recognize the many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical benefits of this revered, ancient Indian practice. Yoga poses, known as asanas in Sanskrit, were originally devised by dedicated yogis to help them withstand the physical rigors of long hours spent in static […]

How to Protect Your Skin This Summer

man rowing canoe summer hot day solstice

It is almost officially summer, and you know what that means — ice cream, the beach, barbeques, short sleeves, festivals, and celebrations that mark the changing seasons. June 21 will usher in the summer solstice, the longest day of the year when the sun is closest to the earth and its rays are the strongest. […]

5 Common Male Injuries: Plus, How to Recover Faster!

man with arm pain CBDMEDIC- Harley Pasternak

Musculoskeletal injuries are more common than one might think. From sprains and strains to significant bruising, fractures to open wounds, we humans are good at hurting ourselves! Falls and trauma — including sporting mishaps and workplace accidents — shoulder the majority of the blame. The study Prevalence Musculoskeletal Injuries reported that over 6.8 million injuries […]

6 Key Points from the FDA’s First Public Hearing on CBD

CBD MEDIC products

Americans want their cannabis products and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to keep them safe. It’s a wild, wild west out there in the CBD market with grey areas and loopholes in FDA regulations, leaving the territory open to both legitimate company’s and “snake oil” salesman” in a billion dollar industry. But […]

Keeping Our Skin and Earth Healthy

hand reaching for CBDMEDIC products

Every June 5, World Environment Day encourages each of us to take action to protect our precious environment. It’s the perfect time to look at important ways we can contribute to a healthier personal and global future. Harmful chemicals adversely impact on the welfare of the human body and the earth, with many found in […]

Eczema: What is it and How to Avoid a Summer Flare Up

Leg and hand - CBD MEDIC Eczema Therapy Medicated Ointment

As the weather warms and the temperatures begin to climb, you might find yourself chomping at the bit to get outside. However, if you’re among the 17 million adults in the world who suffers from atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, the idea of spending any amount of time out in the sun might make […]

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