Let’s Get to Know Each Other [Survey]

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CBDMEDIC™ wouldn’t exist without you, our customers. Your feedback is how we continue to develop our products into topicals that will provide you with the most pain relief, at your convenience. Of course, we always want to hear back from you, but especially today on Know Your Customer Day.

This is a special day set aside on the third Thursday of each quarter of the calendar year. It is meant to celebrate businesses that are dedicated to learning more about the needs of their customers, along with the customers who make these businesses that much better — people like you.

The Importance of KYC

Know Your Customer Day is all about you. That is why we encourage you to provide feedback on our products and services; including your current needs, desires, and what you would like to see in the future.

By hearing directly from our customers, it allows us to improve the products we offer, add new products based on your specific needs, and improve the services we provide. There is no better way to know our clients’ thoughts than to get them straight from the source,” says Binny Goldman, Business Development Manager of Abacus Health Products.

We would love to hear your personal journey with our products. Letting us know which products you have been using, why you have been using them, and for how long you have been using them provides us with a unique insight into how customers like you are experiencing our products.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

From the Voices of CBDMEDIC™ Customers

Here are a few of our customer stories.

  • I am a fitness instructor and also tend to have chronic tightness in my neck & shoulders. CBDMEDIC’s muscle &joint cream gives me almost instant relief! I use it every day & I highly recommend it!! — Brittany, Texas
  • After experiencing chronic pain in my neck from scoliosis and office syndrome, I started popping ibuprofen like candy. But I’m worried about its long-term effects. Then my sister brought me CBDMEDIC’s ACTIVE SPORT Stick to try. I was pleased to see a list of ingredients I could actually understand—natural ingredients, not ingredients that looked like aliens made it. I was still reluctant because I’m not actually interested in products with CBD. But I was surprised that it did offer me some relief. I enjoyed its cooling feeling — and the fact that it was not messy, so I could use it at work. — Diana, California
  • I’ve been using this product before and after lifting and it’s helped out tremendously with pain and loosening up my muscles. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in pain or looking to get that edge in your recovery! — Chris, Arizona
  • I tried the massage oil after finding relief for my knee pain when I tried Active Sport. I figured it would be great for my back pain. I immediately noticed that it had a more pleasant, less medicinal smell. It was not overpowering like the Active Sport ointment. It was relaxing and slightly cooling, although it did increase its cooling feeling after a minute or so. Still, I wish it was more intense like the ointment so I could get a deeper feeling out the of the massage. But it was relaxing. In fact, I’m going to buy the massage oil for my mother and give her a massage with it for her birthday. I think she’ll like the relaxing feeling and the fact that it is all-natural. If you do use the product, don’t make my mistake and touch your face when using the product before washing your hands. I didn’t really like the cooling feeling on my face. — Alexa, Connecticut
  • I’ve been using CBDMEDIC for a couple weeks now. I really love using it right before bed. I’ve noticed a big difference in my sleep quality. The cool feeling on my skin helps me fall asleep and allows my body to relax in the evening — not to mention waking up feeling a little better than when not using.? — Trevor, NJ
  • My girlfriend tried the Active Sport Stick on my shoulders and it was too strong for my sensitive skin, so I had to take it off immediately. But then I tried a lower-strength massage oil and it was much better. I must say, I liked the convenience of the stick better,the fact that it wasn’t messy and I didn’t feel oily afterwards, as I did with the massage oil. However, I need a lower-strength option. I am interested in trying the other lower-strength options when my muscles are sore after my new yoga practice. — Nitsan, UK

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other [Survey]

  1. Chasisty Van Waes says:

    I do CrossFit 4-5 times a week and I love using active sport when working out. I put on the muscles that are already sore and tight. Within seconds the muscles feel great and relaxed. I have recommended this product to a lot of people and thank always thank me later!!

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