5 Simple Chair Exercises for Pain Relief

women doing chair exercises

Believe it or not, it is possible to work out while sitting in a chair. And it can be an effective workout, too. Chair exercises are especially effective for seniors, as they offer extra support, enhance stability, improve range of motion, and can be done without any additional equipment besides a chair. They can also help boost confidence and relieve tech neck.

Without further ado, here are five chair exercises for seniors.

Five Chair Exercises for Seniors

1) Core twisters

This move can serve as a wonderful spinal stretch while also working the entire core.  

To do core twisters 

2) Seated side stretches

Another great back stretch, this exercise gently stretches the entire back and both arms. 

To do seated side stretches:

3) Seated leg raises

This exercise helps to strengthen the core, which is especially important as you age. Core stability helps to prevent injuryimprove balance and stability, and helps you better perform common, everyday activities like standing up straight, getting out of chairs, and walking.  

To do extended leg raises: 

4) Thigh stretch

This is a great stretch for your thighs and can help improve balance and stability.

To do thigh stretches:

5) Standing leg raises

Now that you’re warmed up, you’re ready for standing leg raises. This exercise requires standing throughout the movement, using your chair for balance. This one is great for balance, stability, and improving range of motion.

To do standing leg raises:


Hopefully, these exercises get your blood pumping and help you incorporate movement into your day. However, after a great workout or stretch, you might experience some lingering discomfort. Or perhaps sore, achy muscles are an unfortunate part of your everyday life. If this is the case apply an ice pack or a heating pad to any areas where you feel sore or inflamed. Another excellent treatment option is to apply any one of CBDMEDIC’s Topical Pain Relief products. Our pain relief cream is highly effective at alleviating pain symptoms.

CBDMEDIC’s line of topicals are geared specifically for pain relief, whether it be for the back and neck, overall muscle and joint pain, arthritis or foot and ankle pain. These hypoallergenic, THC-free topicals will ease aches and pains with soothing, naturally-derived ingredients like camphor and menthol.  

Having concerns about CBD or just want more information? Check out our article on CBD for seniors.

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