Advanced Pain Relief Powered by Nature

CBDMEDIC™ products use an entirely NEW technology that combines advanced science, active pharmaceutical ingredients (menthol and camphor), and the finest organic and natural ingredients. Our products are engineered to deliver powerful and safe topical pain relief.


Our CBD is a cannabinoid-rich hemp extract from the Cannabis sativa L plant, which will not get you high (non-psychoactive).


Our products are legal throughout the U.S. and fully comply with all federal laws and regulations.


Our products are OTC registered topical medications produced in a cGMP audited manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality control standards.


Our breakthrough technology includes 100% natural emollients to facilitate deeper and faster absorption of our pain-relieving compounds to interrupt pain signaling.

Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients

Our products contain clinically proven active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Our products are produced with naturally-derived analgesic ingredients, natural emollients and essential oils. Does not contain artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, steroids, parabens, petrolatum, or phthalates.

Localized Pain Relief

Our products are topically-applied to treat pain at the source whereas oral medications have to pass a non site specific metabolic process, reducing their maximum therapeutic effect. Try our pain relief cream for fast relief today.


Our patent-pending formulas maximize the effectivity of our ingredients to reduce pain while providing long-lasting pain relief.