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CBDMEDIC on Campus:

is a pilot program which hires and pays college sophomores, juniors, and seniors to join the CBD revolution. By launching an on-campus business and practicing grassroots advocacy, sales, marketing, & event management, students will learn the skill that will jump start a career.

The Details:


Campus managers will hire trusted and qualified ambassadors to grow their sales force. Ambassadors will use their social media platforms, as well as research and attend events in their local areas to promote and sell CBDMEDIC products. As a campus manager, you will oversee a group of ambassadors and lead them to success.


Campus managers will need to hustle in order to run a successful business. As a manager you will need to be organized. As a manager, you will need to be able to motivate those working under you. Campus managers will work directly with CBDMEDIC employees to learn the tools of the trade.


Like any successful entrepreneur, campus managers must be hungry. Manager must see opportunities in challenges. Managers, alongside their ambassadors, will come up with creative solutions to increase engagement and drive sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. The more fun you have, the more successful your business will be.

Application Process:

CBD On Campus Application Steps
CBD On Campus Application Steps
CBD On Campus Application Steps


CBD On Campus Application Steps
CBD On Campus Application Steps
CBD On Campus Application Steps

*As a campus manager, you will receive an additional $500 for every 10 members of your team to reach sales goals outlined by CBDMEDIC


CBD On Campus - Adam F

Adam Finkelstein

Syracuse University 19′

Adam currently was an intern with Abacus Health Products, who was directly involved with building the CBDMEDIC™ on Campus program. Adam was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Adam will be a senior at Syracuse University this academic year, and plans to graduate with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship in the spring of 2019.

CBD On Campus - Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz

Indiana University 20′

Jason is a junior at Indiana University & originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He is studying business at the Kelley School, focusing on Digital & Social Media Business Applications. Jason is passionate about long-term wellness, exercise & healthy eating. His favorite hobby is photography & he has spent recent months practicing product photography & its place in social media strategy.


Jeffery Beck

University of Arizona 20′

Raised in the greater Chicago land area, is a junior at University of Arizona and is pursuing a degree in Management information and systems at the Ellar school of business. In Highschool Jeff was a three-sport athlete and is still passionate about fitness and health.

Questions? Email: info@cbd-medic.com


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