Gronk Explains why His Partnership With CBDMEDIC™ Matters: More Than Business

Rob Gronkowski and Perry Antelman CBDMEDIC

Former three-time football champion, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski is driven by two things: family and health.

The self-appointed, “Mr. Recovery™” wants to help others live a healthy, pain-free life as he has learned to do, and he’s doing it by partnering with CBDMEDIC™, a company that not only believes in health but also in keeping a family atmosphere.

Gronk says, “I was excited to advocate for a brand that made my own recovery safe and natural.”

Gronk Gets Relief and Becomes a CBD Advocate for the Sports Industry

Gronk-putting-pain-relief-cream-on-kneeHe met with Abacus CEO Perry Antelman and CBDMEDIC Brand Director Tanner Puckett to discuss their CBD-blended products, which were a perfect fit for Mr. Recovery’s active lifestyle.

Injury after injury, and 9 surgeries later, Gronk found himself retroactively remedying the problem, which, ultimately weighed in on his decision to walk away from the game he loved so much. He wonders if things would have gone differently had products like CBDMEDIC been available to him while he was a player.

“These products have helped me safely manage pain better than anything else I’ve tried. Building on my own experience with CBDMEDIC for pain, I’m inspired to work with the company to introduce new CBD products to the market,” Gronkowski said.

So, now, Gronk’s goal is to help those with active lifestyles bring balance into their lives with healthy recovery options, so they can avoid some of the setbacks Gronk, himself, experienced.

But first, he hopes to help the sports industry change their viewpoint on CBD.

Currently, products containing CBD are largely banned for professional sports players. However, CBDMEDIC’s products contain CBD oil from the hemp plant and do not contain THC, the compound found in cannabis strands most associated with the feeling of “getting high.”

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Fitness is a Gronkowski Family Trait

Gronk is excited to partner with CBDMEDIC, which will allow him to maintain his focus on fitness while he is in recovery.

His father, who owns a business that sells fitness equipment, was the first Gronkowski to use CBDMEDIC’s products. After experiencing relief from back arthritis pain by using CBDMEDIC’s Active Sport™, he offered it to his son, who was still suffering from intense pain due to football-related injuries.

Gronk was astonished – after a decade of struggling to manage his pain, he finally found relief. He became inspired by the idea that he could help those who live active lifestyles, not unlike his own, in their journey towards a natural, healthy recovery.

As one of five brothers all working together in business, it’s no surprise that when the opportunity arose to work with CBDMEDIC, a family-oriented company dedicated to delivering naturally-derived pain relief products, he jumped in.

“Growing up with [an entrepreneurial family] has allowed me to understand good business ventures, bad business ventures, and to understand what can work. This helps me follow my heart towards opportunities that include my passion for health and fitness.” Gronkowsk said.

Joining the CBDMEDIC Family


CBDMEDIC was exactly what he was looking for – a family-oriented company that gave him the opportunity to advocate safe recovery options.

Gronk made CBDMEDIC a part of his daily recovery routine, as he both uses and promotes health products.

Now, he’s become a business partner and friend to Antelman. In between film shoots and live interviews, he can be seen sharing laughs, tossing a football, and even working out with the CEO in exotic places, like overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Gronk says he’s most excited to help people live healthier lifestyles by delivering beneficial products to those who need it most. Now, with CBDMEDIC under his cap – or football helmet – Mr. Recovery™ is certainly living up to his name. CBDMEDIC gives him the opportunity to focus on optimal wellness and living a healthy, pain-free life.


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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It has not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate any diseases or conditions. We use CBD in our products for cosmetic purposes only.

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